Quick Quote

Want a quick number and not another form to fill out?

This one page will allow you to get an instant (right now) “Quick Quote” for your General Liability.  No agent will call you – unless you call us first.  

The following annual premium estimates assume you are a small or start-up contractor with only one or two employees:

Artisans / Handyman

Remodeler / Handyman (Start-Up)$753.00
Remodeler / Handyman (1 year + in business)$681.00
Roofer (start-up)$2,901.00
Painting (Interior)$625
Plumber – Service$975.00

General Contractors 

(paper GC’s who subcontract most of their work)

Gross Receipts/ Revenue:Subcontracted WorkPremiumDown-payment

Does this look good?  Want to move forward with this and get a real quote?  CLICK HERE  You may also call us at 800.685.0027  extension 3 for assistance.

Our “Quick Quote” is primarily designed for new or smaller contractors who want a rough estimate of what their General Liability premium would be.  If you want a real quote click here.

The “Quick Quote” will probably give you an inaccurate number if any of the following apply to your business:

  • Your operating gross receipts are in excess of $1,000,000 a year
  • You have more than 2 (NON clerical) employees
  • You operate in a higher than average risk classification (demolition, blasting, etc.)
  • You have been in business for many years with zero losses

Does this number seem too high or low?
Why could this number be so much higher than “that other guy”?  If it seems to good to be true, then it probably is!  Simply put – we work with contractors.  The policies we write are for contractors.  The other agent may have excluded some coverages that we recommend our clients should have.  If the price seems like it is too low, then perhaps we are missing your loss history, or perhaps you didn’t include the fact you do lots of work at Crystal River Nuclear power plant.  Ultimately we will speak with you to determine what your exact needs are – but we hope the above information helps point you in the right direction when you are ready.

For example: we have one General Liabilty carrier that will automatically include up to $5000 of small hand tool coverage automatically.  This means if you want tool coverage in addition to your General Liability, this may save you a few $$$’s.  If you need higher limits, they are available too.

Remember: to give you a firm and bindable quotation, we will still need to ask you a few more questions (sorry) under our Application section.  Once we have this information, we can ususally bind a policy in a few hours to a few days once we have a chance to review your answers.

The Lawyer asked us to be VERY clear about this:  The Quick Quote above DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE INSURANCE!  This number is simply an estimating tool.  It DOES NOT bind Construction Pros or any of our carriers to issue you a policy.