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Please note: License Bond, Financial Stability Bond, and 660 Bond are all names for the same bond!

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What do we require
We typically do not require too much information to quote you a Contractor License/ Financial Responsibility bond.  We DO NOT need financial statements.  We only need you to answer less than 20 questions.  Please complete the application here so we can get you a quote right away.  This typically takes less than an hour to get you a firm number and a written quote once we have this form completed.  Many are rated below $500 so don’t panic if you need one!

Want to cut your cost in half?
Take the darn course!!!  If you take the 14 hour course, it cuts your bond requirement in half.  For example: a $20,000 bond that would cost you $1000 will now only cost you $500 if you take the course since you only need a $10,000 bond!  Here is the online version 14 hour course for only $149.  By our math, we just saved you over $300.  Read more below.

How is your credit score calculated?
Go to this page to learn what you need to know NOW if you are going to be activating your license or qualifying a new company soon.

Do you even need a License Bond?
Since the State of Florida has enacted these new regulations on contractors, we have found that the bond underwriters are not initially anxious to issue a bond to an individual with a sub 660 credit score.   HOWEVER, in almost every situation we have found ways to get reasonable rates for almost every individual. 

This is from the State of Florida:
Effective in 2012 The State of Florida in conjunction with the Construction Industry Licensing Board established the “Financial Responsibility and Stability Requirements for Contractor Applicants”

In short, they are as follows:

  • Florida Law requires all construction contractor applicants to establish that they are both financially responsible and financially stable prior to issuance of their licenses. The Construction Industry Licensing Board has determined a contractor will be deemed financially responsible and stable if the following items are established: There are no unsatisfied liens against the applicant or the company he or she intends to qualify;
  • There are no unsatisfied judgments against the applicant or the company he or she intends to qualify;
  • Applicant has a 660 FICO derived credit score or higher, or submits a licensing bond or irrevocable letter of credit; and
  • The licensing bond or letter of credit shall be maintained until the applicant has achieved a FICO credit score of 660 or higher.

You can learn by clicking here to visit The State of Florida Department of Professional Regulation to learn more.

In order to qualify as a contractor:

The applicant must submit a credit report containing a credit score (FICO derived) from a nationally recognized credit
reporting agency, which includes a public records statement that records have been checked at local, state, and
federal levels. (See Instructions for more information).

Financial responsibility & stability can be demonstrated by a credit score of 660 or higher and no unsatisfied
judgments or liens. (See Rule 61G4-15.006, Florida Administrative Code for details).

Does the submitted credit report show a credit score of 660 or higher?
If no, the financial stability requirement may be met by providing a bond or irrevocable letter of credit from a bank
authorized to do business in the State of Florida, with proof of completion of an approved 14-hour financial responsibility course, in the amount of:

  • $10,000 for Division I applicants $5,000 for Division II applicants
  • without proof of completion of an approved 14-hour financial responsibility course, in the amount of:
  • $20,000 for Division I applicants (General, Builder, Residential)
  • $10,000 for Division II applicants (All others)

The License bond must also use  the following form.    in order to be accepted by the state.  In case you need to go to another surety agent, you will need to provide them with this document.

This is from Construction Pros:
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