License Bond Rates

Please note: License Bond, Financial Stability Bond, and 660 Bond are all names for the same bond!

The rates listed below are only estimated bond rates, BUT they should give you an idea if you should take the 14 hour class, and how much $$$  you need to budget for.

Also beware that sometimes Surety “A” uses Equifax and Surety “B” uses Transunion.  This means your credit score could be significantly different when we rate you up for a bond.  The ONLY way we can be 100% sure is for you to fill out our application here, and for us to respond with a formal quote.

Also note the State of Florida is using your combined FICO.  Most Sureties use one of the big three credit companies.  That means you may find your FICO is the lowest, however your surety may show you above 660!

Again, our “Lawyer Guy” wants us to remind you that the numbers below ARE NOT a formal quote.  We put these here to be helpful so that you can get an idea of what your cost may be.  You must actually fill out our application here to get a quote.

If you have no idea what your credit score is, but are considering getting some help activating your license, you may find that they are already pulling your credit score.  If you have no idea what we are talking about, click here and give these guys a call.  This will help you cut through the State of Florida’s “red tape” and get you on the job quicker.

You can also try FICO hereCredit Karma, or Free Credit and get an idea of your score.  Beware that companies other that the the credit rating companies may be using their “own” score.  We have seen instances where you may show a relatively high score on some “free credit score” website – but your real score may still be below 660!

Our advice?  Pull your credit score NOW and EARLY in the licensing process.  We would advise doing this VERY EARLY – like before taking the exam early.  Correct the incorrect items now, and then when you activate your license, your score should have improved.

Estimated Bond Rates

Your Credit Score Estimated Rate$5,000 Bond$10,000 Bond$20,000 Bond
660 & up0.0%$0.00$0.00$0.00
449 & belowCase by CaseCase by CaseCase by CaseCase by Case