Trade/Artisan Contractor

As a trade contractor , you are the experts of your field. If a customer needs to update their three-phase installation, tile a 1000 square foot patio, move 80 cubic yards of fill, or lay 300’ of 6” PVC, you are the go-to-guy! You are expected to be the expert in your field. We are too. With Construction Pros, you get a team of experts that can not only provide you with the basic services you expect, you can also look to us as a member of your team that can help you win more and bigger jobs. NEVER let your insurance hold you back from winning your next project. When it comes to endorsements, exclusions and other words that make it hard to prequalify for a project, bring them to us for a plain English explanation, and a plan to get you where you need to be!

Tools to help you get the job done: