Handyman Contractors

Helping you Build! Construction Pros has been built around one thing – contractors

Common Questions etc:

Do you have anything that can help me? Preferably for free?

Check out our forms librarysafety, and OSHA for tons of resources that may help you out. You can always call us if you need a hand too!

Common Coverages for Handyman Contractors:

Handyman, jack-of-all-trades, or as some of your customers call you, “that nice young man who fixed up my kitchen”. You are the guy who knocks out these jobs every week who doesn’t have the time to become an expert on insurance.

Construction Pros recognizes that you are not building multistory condominiums, or hiring 20 subcontractors to complete your projects. We realize that your budget for insurance is far less than your budget for drywall most years. Think of us as the agency that “gets it”.

Although we offer lots of services to the larger contractors down the street, we also have a lot to offer the one-man-band with the 1994 Silverado work truck. We have access to several programs that can get you the basic coverage you need under a budget that you can afford.

Although your idea of risk management may be to purchase a new “Baker Scaffold” next time they go on sale, you can still utilize our resources to help you grow your business, or to help you land that big remodel job you were hoping to get. Call us. We are here to help you build!