General Contractors

Tools to help you get the job done:

As a General Contractor, you are in charge of it all. In The State of Florida you can also be held liable for everything too! Construction Pros is designed to help contractors look out for various issues and pitfalls that are waiting to attack your company from all sides. Don’t think of us as your agent, think of us as part of your team! Use us as a resource to review or even help develop your subcontractor agreements, review your employee policies, or to improve your safety program. Even if you do not have a safety program, we can help you get started, and for our clients, most of these services are included!

A GC’s job is not 9-5. Construction Pros realize that you may be sending guys out to job sites as early as 5:00AM. If your work schedule changes and you need a different certificate to get your crew on a job site by 7:00AM, you can’t wait for your agent to show up at his office around 9:30! That’s why we are available 24/7 to issue certificates or even receive a claim.

Be sure to review our certificate management section as well. As a GC, you will be expected automatically to keep very detailed records of your subcontractor’s certificates of insurance. Use us to review your subcontractor agreements and also to collect, analyze, and retain your certificates so that you never are caught short in an audit. At the end of the day, our goal is your goal – helping you build!