FRO Bonds in Florida

What is an FRO Bond?

The State of Florida $100,000 Financially Responsible Officer (FRO) bond guarantees the faithful performance of the officer in charge of the organization. If they fail in this capacity, the Surety is expected to step in and help correct the situation. It is a lot like having a co-signor on a loan.

Obviously “it depends” but if you have a good credit over 750, you are looking at $1,000. If your FICO credit score is below 600, they typically cost about $2000. We do have sureties that are willing to issue FRO bonds when you have REALLY poor credit. You may need to talk to us directly if you have credit issues.
If you are looking for a bond because you found out your FICO credit score is below 660, you may actually need a License Bond. Click here to learn about these bonds and how much they cost.