WC Quick Quote - Florida

What is a “Quick Quote”?

The Work Comp Quick Quote is based upon the current 2016 State of Florida WC insurance rates.  This is intended to allow you to estimate/forecast what your work comp premiums would be based upon the type of work you perform and a given payroll.

Sorry for the Lawyer Disclaimer but this IS NOT a proposal for insurance or any sort of offer for coverage.  If you want a real proposal, you will need to fill out our Application located here.

Which of these classes best describes your type of work?
What is the Estimated Annual Payroll for this work?
Do you currently have or are you willing to implement a Workplace Safety Program? (we can help you do this BTW) 
Do you currently have or are you willing to implement a Drug Free Workplace Program?
What is your Experience Mod? Use 1 as a default if you do not know, or you have never had a Work Comp policy.
What is your zip code?
   < ----- Your answer should be to the left!           

What is a Quick Quote good for? 

This allows you to estimate what your Work Comp premiums would be (approximately) without filling out a bunch of forms.  This is also an OUTSTANDING way to estimate the additional costs for a bid when the Owner/GC requires you to get Workers Comp coverage.

A few notes:

  • If you do not know your NCCI experience mod or have no idea what a "mod" is, indicate "1" where requested.
  • If you have more than $20,000 a year in premium, you are most likely eligible for certain discounts that can save you 10%-20% in premium.  These will not be indicated using the "Quick Quote". 
  • You may also be eligible for dividends if you never (or rarely) have any claims.  The “Quick Quote” does not include any potential dividends in its calculations. 
  • If you discover that the “Quick Quote” is spitting out really large numbers, call our office at 800.685.0027 ext3 and speak with an agent so that we can give you an accurate premium estimate.
  • The classes we show here are some of the most common.  If yours is not listed, drop us a line at 800.685.0027 ext 3 and we can get you your specific class rates.

Want to move foward with this and get a Quote for a Workers Comp policy? 
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