Employee Manual

Do you even need an employee manual?

Most people HATE having an employee manual and many more despise having to update it. So many questions come up. The laws change. Now what? Can this really be done in one day? YES!!!


The main reason I like my clients to have one is this: How do you prove what you didn't do if you have no way of proving you don't do it? Think about that one for a minute.


Almost every good discrimination/overtime/EEOC claim I see STARTS off as a former employee who files a work comp claim that goes really bad. If you terminate an employee for insubordination, make DARN SURE you have a way to back up your reasons in a deposition. If you fire the guy because he is habitually late - he will try to say you fired him because of his skin color - after he sees a doctor and says he has a sore back from lifting heavy boxes! Remember that when John Morgan says he is "for the people", he doesn't mean you or I.

Just like above, I have about a dozen employee handbook templates available. Many have instructions on each page. Shoot me an email here and we will shoot you one over to use. Copy and paste what you like and you can delete what you don't need. If you are starting from scratch, the one day claim may be a bit much, but it can be done far quicker than you think!

Will this guarantee that you will never get sued? OF COURSE NOT! What it will do is improve your odds of staying out of a long deposition, and the claim will be much smaller.

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